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  • Listening to: "Another Side" - Kingdom Hearts II
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II (CURSE YOU DEMYX!)
I have decided yes, I will get a new account. I'm half way moving all of my favorites into there as we speak (my deviations...well...that's another matter entirely :XD: ). I got a new account due to the facts that -

1) My laziness of spelling my name (Ra CHO Tamer, dang it! ><; )


2) I can't submit prints on this account. I guess this is my bad way of getting income ^^; So yes...prints are now able to be bought from my new account. My first print is the one I've always wanted to do -…. Yes, "OH YEAH" is now able for prints. But first I need to get my address in there ^^; Oh well. I should have it running by the end of the week.

I don't really want to move, since it's too much of a hassle. Then again, I can get money from this. Right now, money = good. I'm going to need every cent I get get my claws on in the next few years, and this is a good place to start. So yes...expect prints on my new account whenever I feel that the quality is good enough for it :D

So I guess this is my last entry as "RaTamer". All I can say is this - THANK YOU EVERYONE! :hug: *hugs the few people that are watching her* And thank you favers! *hugs the few people that faved her work* You are all wonderful people! :D I'm going to post links to the ones that have faves, so you don't have to worry about hunting them down again. They are...

- Chibi Reno
- Cosplaying
- Cloud Running
- Tail's Doll
- Pixel Edward Elric
- Art: Cat
- Art: Bear
- TMNT: It's My Day Job (Most Faved)
- Puppy
- Mini Vamp
- Renior Plushie
- Skull
- My dog, the poser
- Master Splinter
- Ready for take off?
- TMNT: Color Desktop
- TMNT: Heads
- Renior
- TMNT: A late, happy Easter
- The Dragon Tamer
- Robweiller (aka Sewer Bull. Yes, that's you Rob :| )
- TMNT: Leo and Mike - Final Version
- TMNT: Leo and Mike
- TMNT: Raph Jump
- TMNT: Mike and the Dog
- TMNT: Raphael
- Batman: Joker Desktop
- TMNT: Donatello
- TMNT: Leonardo on Lookout
- TMNT: Tribute to Venus De Milo

Don't worry, I'll link these pictures to my new pictures in my new account, and I'll personally put messages on everyone's message board to notify that the account has been moved, and I would appreciate it if you re-faved everything so then I can delete some deviations so then two of the same thing is floating around.

Man, I love getting into these pickles, don't I? :lol:

Well, until futher notice, goodbye from RaTamer, and hiyo from RaChoTamer! Hope you will be kind enough to move from this account to the next one! See ya'll there! :wave:
  • Listening to: &quot;Another Side&quot; - Kingdom Hearts II
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II (CURSE YOU DEMYX!)
I'm thinking about changing my account to a different name. That means moving off of this one. I love this account, but the name bugs me. I've always wanted it "RaChoTamer" instead of "RaTamer". So...yeah, I'll keep you guys updated. It's a bit of a hassle, since I need to change everything, but then again, I'll sleep easier at night knowing that my DA name is the one I want :XD:

If I change accounts, that means ALL of my DA journals and works WILL BE DELETED!!! That means if you want your faves back, you are going to have to REFAVE MY WORK!! *sighs* It's horrible, I know. I only just got people looking at my account as well *sobs* Shmeh.